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Air bubble location on the glass pane of your aquarium and decorations if you have never set up an aquarium, then the bubbles that form on the glass of your aquarium will come as a surprise. When you add water to your aquarium, pockets of air are trapped among the substrate, plants and decorations. The rapid growth of nuisance algae in reef tanks has always been a real nightmare for many aquarists. Naturally, we are always looking for a solution in finding the best saltwater algae eaters, whether they are fish, snails or crabs.   hello i have just set this tank up which i am hoping to put 4 discus in after cycling. Diatoms are a unicellular algae (class bacillariophyceae) that consists of many species that all have a cell wall made of silica. They are photosynthesizing (using light to produce its own food) algae, as are many other types of algae. Their yellowish-brown chloroplasts, the site of photosynthesis, are what gives them their golden brown color. My aquarium has this clear goo gel like stuff all over the bottom i need to know how to get rid of this. Its everywhere from my plants to my filter and mainly my rocks its not fuzzy its just a slime like substance everywhere i think it is affecting the oxygen level in my tank since the large pleco keeps gulping air. Me because i can recall how fun it was to move around and how satisfying it felt to clean off the glass and peer into a clear tank. I have yet to meet a single fresh or saltwater aquarist that hasnt used one at some point to perform their water changes.   61 videos play all reef tank guide 52 weeks of reefing brs160 bulk reef supply 20,000g reef - learn how it is maintained all these years - duration 10007. The appearance and growth of algae in an aquarium is not bad, its just the natural order of things. In fact, it shows that an aquarium is well balanced and healthy, and the cultivation of macroalgae forms is actually beneficial. It only becomes a problem when the algae is allowed to grow out of control and cover everything in the tank.

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